An Exciting National Cooking Show
Featuring the Hottest Local Chefs in Cities Across the USA
Preparing Their Favorite Dishes, Using Fresh Local Ingredients

In restaurants across America, innovative local chefs are serving fabulous, exciting dishes to their customers. They are known in their communities as the local culinary trendsetters. Soon, they will be known by people across America. This is not your typical in‐studio “stand‐and‐stir” cooking show. It is a show that presents the unique flavor and style of each city we visit and the chefs who are setting that city’s taste buds ablaze. The Great American Chefs Tour is about the hottest local chefs (some are national celebrities and some are not) presenting their signature dishes, using fresh local ingredients.


The Great American Chefs Tour visits cities from coast‐to‐coast, introducing the viewer to local chefs and cuisine, while teaching how to pick, prepare and serve each dish.

Each week, The Great American Chefs Tour will present 3-4 of the featured city’s hottest chefs, preparing their favorite dishes, using fresh local ingredients. Each show will present the unique flavor of that week’s featured city, with the local chefs that everyone is talking about, cooking with the best ingredients available to them.